How To Create A Facebook Book Release Party.

Are you an author who will be releasing your novel in the future?

Would you like to create more buzz and gain some readers for your book?

A Facebook book release party can help you get the word out about your new release and generate excitement for the story you created. If anything, it’s a chance for you to build a relationship with readers and to form new friendships and contacts. I’ve met some awesome peeps and have gain new readers and followers with every Facebook party I’ve done.

How do you create a book release bash on Facebook?

Here’s how . . .

On Facebook, to the left of your screen is an “event” icon. You need to click on it. In the next field to the left of your screen is a “create” icon. Click on it. Now you can type in the name of your event, the description, where, the date and time. Invite your friends.



You need to make a banner to advertise your party.

How in the bloody hell do I do that?


What the freak is Pizap?

Pizap is a user friendly site where you can make banners and posters for your books. I love their website. I suck at technology, so if I can figure out how to use it you can too.

Here’s the link:

I’ll be doing a Facebook release party for Tangled Roots in October, so I’ll share with you a banner I created on Pizap.

I’m not sure if I’m going to use this one, but I wanted to give you an example of what I’m talking about.

Anyway, I suggest you create your event two or three weeks ahead of time, so you can get more people to join. Ask your friends to invite theirs. Better yet, do a giveaway on your event page, like a signed paperback copy when you reach a certain amount of people attending the party. Keep engaging the peeps who are going and work on more invites. Share teasers or videos. Maybe have another person on board to help you keep the excitement rolling.

One thing you can do beforehand is learn from other authors. Watch and take notes on how they run their Facebook parties.


What should I giveaway? I mean, really, I’m not made of money, so how can I afford to throw in prizes for my shindig?

Here are some ideas that won't break your pocketbook.

Giveaway an ebook of your story. It won’t cost you a cent. Ask other authors if they will donate an ebook. Nine times out of ten, they will, because most authors are generous and it helps get the word out about their books. You can also giveaway signed paperback copies, which readers adore. Another idea is rack cards you can create on Vistaprint. People also love Amazon gift cards. A five dollar gift card is reasonable. 

F.Y.I. if an author donates something to your party, make sure to do something for him or her in return, like get more likes for his Facebook author page.

Example from my last book release party:
(This is what you would write in a post during your event)

Giveaway #3

For an ecopy of Revenge From Mars by Todd Embry, like his page and tell him Rebekkah thinks he’s sweet. (his link would go here so peeps can click on it).


Try to get people involve with each giveaway you post. 

Make it fun! 

Post a goofy picture and say, “Caption this. You have 15 minutes.” When the time is up post: *************CLOSED************ Then post the winner of whatever you’re giving away. You can choose the winner in this example by which caption made you laugh the most, or you can use If you use Random's website, make sure the peeps who participate chooses a number and mention it in the post.


Giveaway #5

For a rack card and magnet of Tangled Roots, caption this picture and choose a number between 1-100. You have 15 minutes. I’ll be using to pick a winner.

See how the process works?

Btw, before you start your party, make sure you post something like, Facebook is not affiliated or responsible for this event. Something along those lines.

I hope what I posted helps you. I know when I started out, I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and had to learn the ropes from other authors.