Happiness is . . .

Happiness is when you have readers reading your manuscript (Legends of Deceit) before it goes to the editor, and they say these things about the story . . .

I love this story so damned much!!

WOW the story is so damned addicting!

Holy wowza! 

OMG I am loving this story, it has so many twists and yet has stuff happening.

I am loving this story so much.

I am loving the story, wow!

I'm in love with everything about it, from the setting, the characters and the story . . . Fan-freakin-tastic!!!

This book REALLY IS tough to get away from. I LOVED it. I think it's amazing. You'd have thought Rebekkah had been writing fantasy her entire life. She's just brilliant (and does her research, leaving no stones unturned, which I think makes a HUGE difference in the quality material she writes, as opposed to some assinine drivel I've read lately).

I'm waiting for three more readers to finish reading LOD. After they're done, the manuscript will go to my editor. If you want to join my exclusive reader's group where you'll get top secret information about my books, a chance to join my ARC (advance reader's copy) team and enter exclusive giveaways, among other things, go here to sign up---> http://rebekkahford.us7.list-manage.com/subscribe?u=06bbb5773fe9e17e6ba0e860e&id=51f0af6e94

I’ll be doing a cover reveal before Legends of Deceit is released. You’re going to love it. Promise. My cover artist finished the touch ups on it, and she did an awesome job. I’m looking forward to sharing it with you.

Anyway, here’s the blurb so you’ll have an idea on what LOD is about.

Legends of Deceit Blurb:

They know her.

They want her.

They’re poised to attack, but then a mysterious warrior with piercing green eyes saves her and nothing will ever be the same.

When Haven Evergreen was twelve, a witch cast a memory spell on her. Ten years later, Haven comes home and finds her mother murdered and two hooded beings lurking nearby.

Larkin Vestergaard is part of an elite team of soldiers. He’s on a special assignment to save the daughter of his king. When he sees Haven, he’s shaken to his core. Could she be the girl he lost long ago?

Larkin escorts Haven to a magical world where mythical creatures both beautiful and frightening exist. The truth of who she really is unravels, tearing the very fabric of her life. Despite her fierce attraction to Larkin, Haven longs to be back home where things are normal. But she’s forced to embark on a new journey of love, duty, and honor. Yet the pathway is paved with deceit, and it becomes a journey of life and death. 

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