A Philosophical Dream Story

Kevin had a dream last week, and when he woke up from it, he was compelled to write it in his journal.

I’m going to share it with you. 

Side Note: We’re into philosophy—deep thought-provoking, awe-inspiring, mind-blowing, life-changing, heavy stuff. This isn't that deep, but it's interesting Kevin dreamt it.

The Toad and the Tortoise 

I dreamt of a toad who lived with a tortoise inside its shell. The two were a happy pair and much enjoyed each other’s company. The toad thought himself a very clever fellow indeed. He need no longer fear predators and food was plenty. All he had to do in his life of comfort was go where the tortoise wanted.

Some time passed before the toad realized his legs were almost useless to him as he hadn’t used them much in his new life, so he had lost the ability to escape predators on his own. He became entirely dependent on the tortoise for his well-being. The benevolent tortoise didn’t mind because he could come and go as he pleased and always had a friend to keep him from loneliness.

The toad got weaker and lazier until he got very ill. By the time he had died, he hadn’t left the tortoise’s shell for months for fear of birds picking him off. The tortoise tried and tried to push the rotting carcass of his friend out of the shell to no avail, then death finally caught him too.

A riverbed overflowed with silt just a few days later and the friends were buried for what seemed all time, with each other’s remains intertwined. No one could have known that they would both be found, petrified, in the last days of the twentieth century. And now they are an everlasting monument to self-reliance and avoiding a comfortable life.

Only a fool prays for an easy life.

Our struggles define us.