More Snow!

Happy Friday!

I found out today we’re supposed to get clobbered with more snow. 

Are you frickin’ kidding me?

A couple of weeks ago we got I think it was 14 inches of snow, and it’s finally melting.

But oh, no. Mr. Winter here isn’t done with us yet.

We’re supposed to get dumped on today, Sunday, and Monday.

Oh, and get this .  .  .

The weather peeps are predicting snow at the beginning of April as well.


I think Spring is sleeping in.

Someone needs to wake her up.

I wanted to start working on Aesop A.K.A. RV this weekend, but I guess not.

I also wanted to start filming.

But, that’s okay. I’ll be able to do those things soon enough.

So this weekend I’ll be learning how to use our new camera, hopefully—I don’t want to jinx myself—finish the second book to Legends of Deceit series, or get through the current scene I’m kinda stuck in, work on future plans, go on date night, among other things.

What are you doing this weekend?

Have a good one!