Stepping Out Of Her Comfort Zone To Truly Live

She stepped into the unknown, unaware of what to expect. Excitement vibrated throughout her entire being, even though she wasn't familiar with this new way of life. But it spoke of freedom, living close to nature, discovering self, what it was like to be truly human, to inspire others and to truly live instead of just existing. She knew that if she remained where she was, living the same monotonous life every day, it would result in a slow, boring death, a waste of life, stunted by the opinion of others and their group mentality that served no purpose but to appease their artificial ideals and games to avoid internal growth and to truly exist. She wouldn't have none of that and decided to be like a wolf instead of a sheep. She lived life to her full potential, being present in each moment in the awakened self. When death came for her, she smiled at her and took her hand because she didn't waste her life and fall prey to the opinions of others, their conformities, and the fear of stepping out of her own comfort zone. She could now move on with her head held high and a smile on her face while death leads her to her next journey through eternity.  
#daretolive #ownyourlife