It’s Monday. Do You Know What That Means?

I think most people aren’t fond of Mondays, me included. The weekends seem to fly by and the next thing you know it’s Monday.


So I thought to myself, instead of dreading it every week, turn it into a positive.

It’s a matter of perspective, right?

We all know Mondays can totally suck, but so can the other days.

What if everything goes wrong?

You slept like crap last night.

You start to fall into a nice comfortable sleep, and then the damn alarm goes off.

You hit the snooze button several times, then finally with a loud groan and possible colorful words, you drag yourself out of bed.

It’s Monday.


Where did the weekend go?

Can we have a do-over?

I wasn’t ready yet.

You go into the bathroom to brush your teeth and drop your toothbrush on the floor.

You squeeze the tube of toothpaste and it shoots out all over the frickin’ counter.

What the hell?

And this is how your Monday begins.

What a way to start the week, right?


You have a choice.

You do.

You can roll with it, laugh at each FUBAR situation, and tell yourself you will not allow these mishaps ruin your day and week.

Honestly, absurdities will happen.

Or you can allow it to get the best of you and have a shitty day and week.

It’s your choice.

I choose to see Monday as the beginning of a new week where the goals I set for myself for that week can be accomplished. Last week I wasn’t able to accomplish all of the goals I had set for that week.

No worries.

I’ll move them to this week.

Anyway, it’s Sunday night as I write this.

In an hour I go to bed.

I was thinking about Monday and decided to write this post and share with you the mindset I recently adopted regarding the dreaded Monday.