Winter Won’t Release Its Claws

How was my Monday?

Well . . .

I believe I’m being tested.

Endurance and patience.


I wrote a positive blog about Monday.

I still stick with what I said and believe it.


I’m being tested.

Did I say that already?

It’s fine.


The universe is testing me to see if what I’ve been learning I’ll actually apply to my life.

I’m being tested with this.

Can you believe this shit?

It’s April!

And check this out . . .

It’s supposed to snow again today, Sunday, and for three days next week.


It feels like we’ll never be able to renovate our RV.

I know we will, it’s just . . .

I’m tired of this weather.

I know I choose to be tired of it.

It’s ALL a matter of perspective which is true.

So I will adopt the attitude of being indifferent on the matter because hey, I don’t have magical powers to change the weather, so what’s the point of getting all balled up in a knot about it?

I do have the power to change my perspective.

Anyway, have an awesome week.