Nine Cool Gifts You'll Want To Check Out

Are you ready for Cyber Monday?

Even though I’ll be at the office, I’m sure we’ll be popping online to Amazon and some of the other cyber stores to check the kick ass deals that’ll be happening.

I totally prefer shopping this way than dealing with the long ass lines and rude people.

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. . . Anyway, I had so much fun finding cool and unique gifts for the last post I wrote, I thought I’d do another one.

I’m helping you take the guess work out of what the hell to buy so and so who is hard to shop for.

1.) This is a unique and popular gift for cigar lovers. It’s a portable cigar humidor case.

How cool is that?

Years ago, I worked at a newsstand that sold cigars and had a huge humidor room just for them. I used to love going into that room because the smell in there was awesome.

2.) This EzRoller Classic Ride On is a neat gift for a kid and the lime green is a great color.

3.) I’m a brandy drinker. I have one or two shots a night—sometimes three. This is a great gift to give someone like me. The bottom line says: Good day. The middle line says: Bad Day. The top line says: What Day?

Love it.

It’s a 11oz. rocks glass.

Who loves to star gaze?

I do.

4.) The Laser Twilight Light is a neat gift.

5.) This laptop backpack is really cool. I bought my first laptop this year and would appreciate this water-resistant anti-theft backpack. It even has a USB charging port.

You can also use it as a hiking daypack.

6.) I bought a hammock last summer for when we are full-time travelers. I wish I would have known about this Winner Outfitters Double Hammock. It’s the #1 best seller in camping hammocks. This will make a great gift for people who love to camp.

7.) This snow cone maker is a fun gift to get. Your kid(s) will love it. When we were kids, my sister had the Snoopy snow cone maker.

Remember the Snoopy snow cone maker?

This snow cone maker can be a family gift that everyone will enjoy.

8.) An airfryer is super popular now. I tried chicken nuggets that were air fried, and they turned out great. If you’re a fried food lover like me but want to eat healthier, you’ll want to get an air fryer.

9.) This is a cool gift for beer lovers. It’s a home beer brewing kit where you can make your own beer. 🍺

How cool is that?

There you have it. Nine cool gifts to get this holiday season.

Cheers! 🥂