Six Tips On How To Overcome Writer's Block

I know what it’s like to have writer’s block. I've experienced it many times. 

Some people claim that writer’s block is bullshit. 


If they've never experienced it, good for them. However, I have and so have all the authors I know, and I’m friends with quite a few.

So how do you overcome it?

I’m going to tell you how.

We’ve all been there—at least us mortals have—where you’re cruising along in your story and BAM! It’s as if your brain suddenly clogged up.


You sit there, staring at the computer screen for a while. 

Whom am I kidding? 

For an hour or HOURS and nothing comes to you.

Now what?

Here are six tips you can try the next time you experience the dreaded *stage whispers* writer’s blog.

1.) Walk away!

That’s right. Save what you've already written and walk away. It does you no good to sit there and stare at the screen. So do something else. Clear your head. Relax. Then go back to it later.

2.) Read.

Read a book in the same genre you’re writing in. You’ll be surprised at how well that works and the inspiration it’ll spark within you.

3.) Watch a movie or TV show.

Watch a movie or TV show similar to the type of story you’re writing. It works the same way as reading a book.

4.) Read what you've already written.

You don’t have to read everything, just the chapter you're working on or the one before it. Sometimes reevaluating scenes will make you realize there are things you need to change to make your tale much better.

5.) Be honest with yourself.

Maybe you hit a brick wall because you’re not into the story. Your passion has fizzled. Maybe you need to strip the whole tale and start over or make some major changes.

6.) Get a good night’s sleep.

Maybe you’re tired and need a break, which is fine. There’s nothing wrong with that. Set your manuscript aside, eat a good meal, have a relaxing evening, and get a good night’s sleep.

How do I combat writer’s block? 

I read a book in the same genre as the one I’m writing in. 

It works for me. 

So try it or any of the other suggestions I've mentioned. You’ll be surprised and pleased with the results. J