Top Thirteen Halloween Movies You Need To Watch

I love Halloween movies, so I decided to share some of my favorites with you.

1.) A Nightmare on Elm Street

This movie came out in 1984 and was Johnny Depp’s first movie role. I’ve seen this movie countless times and it’s still one of my all-time favorites. Hell, I even know the song the children sing in the movie.

One, two, Freddy is coming for you
Three, four, better lock your door
Five, six, grab your crucifix
Seven, eight, gonna stay up late
Nine, ten, never sleep again

2.) Friday the 13th

This film came out in 1980. Because of this movie, every time I’m around a lake, I think of Jason Voorhees and the ChChCh AhAhAh.
3.) Poltergeist

This is a 1982 movie. I’ve watched it countless times throughout my childhood. It’s an American supernatural horror film, written and produced by Steven Spielberg. This movie was a huge success and considered a classic within the horror genre. It also has a cult following.
4.) Carrie

This is another classic horror movie based off of Stephen King’s novel. I believe it came out in 1976. Sissy Spacek did a great job playing Carrie. 
5.) IT

Here’s another classic horror movie that is based off of Stephen King’s book. It came out in 1990, and I don’t know about you, but I’m not a fan of clowns.
6.) The Shining

This movie came out in 1980 and Jack Nicholson played the lead role. Who doesn’t love Jack? He's great. I don’t think any other person can pull off playing Jack Torrance. However, I won’t be surprised if Hollywood tries to remake this movie. I wish they’d stop remaking classic movies and popular shows and come up with new material. Hell, Ameerah would make a great movie and my whole Beyond the Eyes trilogy after that. Just sayin’.

. . . Anyway, The Shining is a great movie and once again Mr. King’s creation. The movie was based off of one of his books.
7.) The Others

This is a 2001 horror film that stars Nicole Kidman. It received a lot of awards which included best film and director. I really liked this movie and wouldn’t mind seeing it again. 
8.) Scream

This movie came out in 1996. It’s another American slasher film directed by the ever so talented Wes Craven. It’s a good movie that’ll keep you guessing.
9.) The Craft

Here’s another good movie that came out in 1996. It’s considered a supernatural horror film. It’s about four teenage girls who are outcast and pursues witchcraft for their own gain. It’s a cool movie that has gained a cult following.
10.) Hocus Pocus

Speaking of witchcraft, this movie is a favorite to a lot of people. It came out in 1993 and is considered a comedy horror fantasy movie. It didn’t do well when it first came out, but now it’s considered a cult film. It’s a cute movie and kid friendly.
11.) Casper

This is an adorable movie and kid friendly as well. It’s a 1995 movie that’s based off of Harvey Comics cartoon character Casper the Friendly Ghost. It’s a live-action/computer-animated fantasy comedy film. If you haven’t seen it, you need to. The house in this movie is awesome. 
12.) Beetlejuice

Hey, I have to mention Beetlejuice here. I remember when it came out in 1988. It’s a Tim Burton movie that’s considered both a comedy and fantasy film. It’s great. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out. This movie is kid friendly.
13.) Gremlins

This is a 1984 American comedy horror film that your kids can watch. I did when I was one and loved it. Steven Spielberg was the film’s executive producer, and we all know he rocks. He’s made a lot of great movies and this one is a classic IMHO.
There you have it. My top thirteen Halloween movies you need to watch.

Do you have a favorite?

If so, what is it?