Falling Over

Okay, before I tell you what happened to me yesterday, I want to say this. . . . I am done with being klutzy. D-O-N-E. Done! I do not accept that anymore, and will not give energy to it.

Now, I’ll tell ya my story.

Yesterday afternoon I went outside to water our plants, but when I turned the hose on, I couldn’t see the water coming out of the sprinkler.

What the hell?

I was about six yards away, and our tomato plants were blocking the view, so I walked over there to see what was wrong. The sprinkler was turned upside down. I stepped over the railroad ties that we have around our plants, and flipped it over. When I did that a rush of water rained on me. I turned around trying to avoid getting soaked and tripped over the railroad tie. I banged my knee against it and landed on my left hand and felt a crunch. I rolled over on my right side and pushed myself up with my right hand. I was soaking wet, covered in mud, and my left hand hurt like hell. Looking around, I was thankful nobody had seen me fall (talk about embarrassing), but I was worried that I had broken my wrist and couldn’t shake that crunching feeling when I had landed on it. So I darted in the house, calling out Kevin’s name. I knew he was upstairs, and the closer I got to the stairs, the more my hand hurt. It felt like a piece of bone had splintered inside it and was poking my hand. That very image began floating around in my head, and I started to panic.

Finally, I made it upstairs, and Kevin asked me what was wrong. I told him, and he cradled my wrist in his hand. Luckily, Kevin was a combat medic in the Army and knew what to do. He told me to slowly rotate my wrist around. I was able to do that, but while I was rotating my wrist, that image of a splintered bone in my hand, held inside my mind. I started hyperventilating, and then I felt nauseous. Kevin grabbed a hold of my good wrist, and told me it was all right, and to calm down. I told him I felt sick and started retching. And then the room spun and my brain started shorting out. It was the weirdest feeling ever. Lightening speed images flashed in my head, but they were too jumbled for me to know what they were. During those seconds, I didn’t know where I was, or the time of day. The next thing I knew, I was on the bathroom floor. I laid there for a few minutes until my breathing became stable, and I could get my bearings. I looked up and caught Kevin’s green eyes.

"Did I pass out?" I was certain that I did, but asked Kevin anyway because I’d never passed out on my own before.

He was closely watching me and nodded.

What a dork, huh?

Not him.


I can’t believe I passed out over that.

We don’t think my hand is broken, but it’s sprained pretty badly, and I can’t hold onto things. It also hurts, and if I move it a certain way it feels like something sharp inside it is poking me.

Last night Kevin shook his head at me and the corner of his mouth lifted. "And you want to go up on the roof to fix it," he said with a laugh. "I admire your courage, but now I’m afraid to have you water the plants."

I playfully rolled my eyes at him, raised my hands, putting my thumbs side by side, making a W and said, "Whatever."

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