Hair Mishap

8/13/2011 , , , 0 Comments

Yesterday I went to get my hair done and ended up at the beauty salon for more than five hours. I dye my hair blond, and my beautician Amber and I thought it would be better to dye my roots instead of pulling my hair through a cap.

Bad idea.

After she did that, my roots were a bright yellow/orangish color. So she put another color on my roots to get rid of that color, but it didn’t work. I felt bad for her because she looked like she was going to burst into tears, and told me she felt like throwing up. She had no idea on what to do, and her boss told her to dye my hair a different color, and that should work. Not! My hair ended up turning gray. So I had gray hair with bright yellow/orangish roots. EEEEEW. And her boss had the nerve to say it looked good. I think she said that so I would leave. I have heard horror stories where beauticians had turned their client’s hair green, and did nothing about it. Well, my ass was staying firmly planted into that chair until my hair was fixed because there was no way in hell I would live with my hair like that. Thankfully, Amber thought it looked like crap too and was willing to fix it. By this time it was closing time and Amber had to go get her one and three-year-old from daycare. She asked me if I wanted to ride along with her, and I told her no that I wasn’t going out in public like that. She told her boss, which probably annoyed her boss, but I didn’t give a flying flip what her boss thought, and stayed at the closed salon. Once Amber got back, she used a different color on the roots, which toned it way down, then pulled my hair through a cap and added a different color to it. Finally, we had success. It took the gray out, and now my hair is a dark blond color. Honestly, I don’t care for it much but it’s way better than gray. I had told Amber that at least I knew now what I'd look like with gray hair, and it was definitely not the color for me.

Anyway, I hope I never go through that again because that sucked. Note to self, don’t try something new with my hair unless it’s completely thought out, and I’m prepared for any mishaps that might occur.