Edits, Edits, Edits, Oh, My.

I started working on edits with my editor, and I forgot what a pain in the butt edits and rewrites can be. It’s also time consuming. But on a good note, it’s so worth it in the long run.

My editor is awesome by the way. He line edits and comments when he feels it’s necessary to do so. I’m also happy to say so far (we’re on chapter 10 right now) he really likes this second book (Dark Spirits) to my YA paranormal series. My goal is to make each book better than the first one and it looks like I’m accomplishing it.


My main character Paige had to deal with her emotional baggage in my first book (Beyond the Eyes) in order to move on to her "new" life. So in Dark Spirits, she grows into a stronger person. She also starts having visions and discovers abilities she had all along, but were dormant until now. There’s a reason why and the reader will find out. Also, the dark spirits play a much bigger role in this book and it’s a lot creepier and darker than BTE. There are so many cool things about this story I’d love to talk about, but my lips are sealed. I do need to start writing a blurb, and I’ll post it here when it’s done. I’m also working with my cover artist, so I’ll do a cover reveal as well.

*Brain Scatter*

I was surfing the net earlier, looking for pictures when I saw this:

I had to laugh because if I could have kids that would be something he or she would write. I wonder what the teacher thought when she read it. Hopefully she has a good sense of humor.


Anyway, when I’m not at my day job or doing the mundane tasks life requires of me (cleaning, balancing the check book, paying bills, dishes, cooking, sleeping, etc.) I’m here in my writing cave. I do though, manage to read because it’s just as important as writing.

It is.


In fact, since I’m done with The Evolution of Mara Dyer, I need to start reading the next book on my list which is Vampire Academy. I’m really not in the mood to read that type of book, but I’m going to anyway. But before I do, I need to get back to those edits. I’m anxious to see what my editor thinks of this next chapter because there’s a hilarious scene in it that involves a long, blue, vibrating thing and a basset hound who thinks it’s a chew toy.

At least, I think it’s funny. :)