What happened last week in Boston was horrible.

I was scared for them.

But ya know what?

Boston prevailed.

I’m very proud of them.

They’re awesome.

The thing about true Americans is this . . . If you mess with us, we will unite and kick your sorry ass if it’s the last thing we do.

We live in a dark, sad world full of greed, hedonism, laziness, violence, stupidity, etc, etc. But times like this is what restores my faith in humanity.

This weekend at Fenway Park in Boston, Americans gathered together and paid tribute to the people who were harmed in this heinous act of terrorism. They stood, broke into applause, and cheered, some even cried, when the names were being called out of the people who had displayed heroic acts during this unpredictable time.

Check it out.

It’s twenty minutes long, but worth watching.