Book Review On Entangled Souls By Felicia Tatum

Entangled Souls book #1.5 is a novella that’s part of the Scarred Hearts Series. It picks up to where the last one (Mangled Hearts) left off. 

Cade is a recovering alcoholic and is now doing out patient rehab. With the help of his sponsor and his fiancée Francesca, he’s dealing with the drastic changes in his life and fighting the urge not to drink. He’s also forced to work on repairing his broken relationship with his dad, whom he calls Pops.

The struggle Cade is going through with his father and his drinking problem is realistic. Felicia did a wonderful job with portraying these two situations. I found myself getting choked up towards the end with a scene concerning Cade and Pops.

Francesca has her own troubles to face and overcome. She refuses to burden Cade with them and is always there to help him through his difficult moments. She’s a strong person, though she doesn’t realize it. Not only is she a young lawyer who just opened up her own law firm, and the anniversary of her sister’s death is looming over her head, her relationship with her best friend suddenly gets fractured, devastating her.

Both Cade and Francesca’s hardships forces them to grow and overcome the obstacles that are thrown in their paths. Their love for one another continues to grow through it all. I’m looking forward to reading the next installment in this series.