Blame Shifting, The Poison Of Humanity

Everyone is guilty of shifting blame on others. I don’t care who you are. I think it’s innate within us.


I don’t know.

Blame shifting in our society is way out of hand, and it’s disheartening.

A woman spills scolding hot coffee while she’s in the car and burns herself.

Hello! Your dumbass knows it’s hot.

What does she do?

She sues McDonalds and wins a million dollars.

Instead of taking the blame for her own mistake, she shifts it onto McDonalds.

A thief is in the process of robbing a house during the night. He slips and falls and breaks his leg.

What does he do?

He sues the family he was about to rob and wins!


I can go on and on, stating case after case, but let’s move forward before we both get annoyed by the stupidity of it all.

I normally don’t do these types of posts; however, after five months of dealing with blame shifters I can’t keep quiet any longer.

*WARNING! I’m going to vent for a minute*

I manage a propane company. This winter has been insane. It’s been the coldest winter we’ve had in a long ass time. We had a shortage of propane in the fall, then the price of it went through the roof. I’m talking $5.00 a gallon. So a hundred gallons cost five hundred frickin’ dollars.


Fortunately the owner of where I work was smart enough to squirrel away some propane beforehand. We were able to keep the price per gallon at $3.89, whereas our competitors were way higher. But still, we had to ration it out and people were not happy. To make a long story short, there were customers who blamed the owners for purposely hiking up the price so they can live the high life.

Not true.

I ran into one of these numnuts on my day off, and I lit his ass up. Of course, I did it in a diplomatic way. I didn’t rip his head off or anything, but I told him the truth . . . No, my boss is not purposefully jacking up the price so he can make a huge profit and live a luxurious life. When he goes to the pipeline, he has to pay the astronomical price plus fees on top of that.

Then there were other customers who still owed on their accounts, never made an attempt to pay it and demanded to have their propane tanks filled.


If they would have even made an effort to pay, even if they could only afford like $50.00 a month, I would have worked with them.

Now we move onto the people who never even prepared for the heating season and shifts the blame on us for their own problems. They even resort to trying to guilt us into giving them propane.


Okay, venting over. J

The point is, this world would be a better place if everyone took responsibility for their actions and life. But everyday I’m seeing more and more people blaming others for their problems.

Will this ever end?

How do we stop this nonsense?

You know, I could totally blame my mom for not being a proper mother and how far behind in life I am in some things because of it. I’m not going to though, because you know what? I decided to take responsibility for my life, and I’m doing far better than she was when she was my age.

I’m proud of myself.

I did it.

On my own.

Yeah, I think my writing career would be booming right now if she would have done a lot of things differently, but oh well. I’m not going to cry about. I’ll just keep pursuing my goals.

Anyway, I’m not tooting my own horn. I just brought up my own situation as an example of what I’m saying.

I’m concerned where as a human race we’re headed.

I’m worried about a lot of stuff that's going on in our world, but I think if we took responsibility for our own lives things would start to get better.

Maybe I’m too much of an optimist.

I still have hope.

I’ve seen people pull together during a catastrophe.

When a tornado barreled through my town a few years ago, it was frightening. It did a lot of damage, but we all pulled together and not one person I know of blamed or tried to sue anyone for their misfortune.

So, yeah, I still have hope for us all.