Book Review: Unexpected Consequences: Intoxicating Passion #5 by Felicia Tatum

This is a wonderful novelette series about two broken souls who find each other. They are forced to face and overcome their own personal demons before they can build a healthy relationship with one another.

I liked how Felicia spotlighted the issue of being in an abusive relationship. Nobody should ever have to put up with physical or mental abuse.


Korah’s (the main character in this series) prior relationship was like that. It left her vulnerable and insecure.

Felicia did a fine job in her character’s growth. It wasn’t like Korah woke up one morning and then BAM! She’s all good and everything is wonderful. LALALA.


Korah had to work on becoming a strong and capable person. It didn’t happen overnight. I really appreciate that about this series. The same goes for Dane as well. He has major issues with women. I’ve seen this same problem in guys btw. 
Hell, I still run across a few once in a while.

Wait a minute.

Now that I think about it . . . I work with one!

Anyway, one word can describe Dane’s problem with the opposite sex.


He has trust issues because of what happened to him in the past. He’s a male slut, refusing to allow a female into his heart—until Korah rocks his world. Dane now needs to decide whether to ignore his growing feelings and unrelenting attraction towards Korah, or tear down the bricks around his heart.

Btw, this series has two points of view—Korah’s and Dane’s—and I love that it does. I think Felicia did a perfect job writing in a male’s POV, and I enjoyed seeing the world through Dane’s perspective.

Good job Felicia! J

I recommend this series to readers who love romance books.