What Type Of Writer Are You?

5/16/2014 , , , 3 Comments

I recently asked this question in one of my Google Plus groups and received a surprising amount of responses, which was cool. I told them I was a careful writer and sometimes I get annoyed with myself because it seems to take me forever to write a book.

Wait a minute.

What do I mean by “careful” writer?

Basically, in a nutshell, I want the research I have to do to be accurate and my
story to be perfect. So I believe it takes me longer to write because of those things. Not to mention as of right now, I work a full-time job during the week which sucks up a lot of my time. But to be honest, I think quality is more important in my books than quantity. I want my readers to get a bigger bang for their buck when they buy my novels. I want them to be entertained and love my stories. So if it takes me longer to write them, in the long run it’s worth it, right? 

Btw, in case you’re wondering, I do make good use with my free time. I get up
in the morning an hour early before I have to, just to write, and then I write some more in the evening times. During the weekend, I write as much as I can.

The other day I was asked where I was going on vacation. I told this person nowhere. I have a book I’m aiming to release sometime this summer and another one to finish. I’m too busy to take a week off and go where ever. Besides, if I went anywhere, I’d be thinking about my books, my fans and my street team.  

Anyway, I know every writer is different. Some can churn out a book every month or so, while it takes others a year or more to write a novel.  It usually takes me three months, but with Tangled Roots it has taken me longer than I anticipated. It was going to be a novella, but my characters surprised me and demanded more. So I complied, and I’m excited about it. I’ll do a post about Tangled Roots in the near future and a cover reveal.

But this post is not about plugging my next book. I want to know what type of writer you are. 

Do you have to have complete silence to write? 

I can’t write when music is playing. I also prefer not to hear the TV as well, but sometimes it’s unavoidable because the living room is near our computer room. I suppose I could wear earplugs. 

I was once asked in an interview if I have a certain candy I need while I write. At the time I didn't, and I still don’t really. However, I’m starting to like having red licorice on hand. 

What about you? 

Do you need to have a certain candy or food while you create your stories?

Now that I'm thinking about red licorice, I need to get some this weekend. I know I don't have anymore.

I must not forget. 

*makes a mental note to get some and a pair of earplugs*

Happy Friday!


  1. I don't need a specific atmosphere to write in. I like to write with background noise of some fashion though.

  2. Such a great post! Thanks for sharing this. It seems like you've got quite a busy schedule!
    I usually have music on while I'm writing my first draft, but as soon as I start editing I want complete silence. I can't write much in one go, so I often make up what I want to write about, cram it out and then do the same thing all over again.
    I don't eat while I write and I have to be alone. I don't want anyone else near me.

  3. Thanks for the comments. :) I prefer it to be quiet when I write. Oh, and alone, too.