Do you want to watch something #hilarious that’ll make you pee your pants?

The other night after I finished watching one of my favorite shows—The Originals—Kevin waved me into the other room. “Do you want to watch something hilarious that’ll make you pee your pants?”

I glanced at his computer screen and saw that he had Monty Python up. Kevin is from England and is a Monty Python fan. I like Python, as well, but not as much as he does.

“I doubt I’ll pee my pants, but okay.” I sat down at his computer and here was what he had me watch. He was busting a gut as I watched it,  btw.

Okay, it was funny, but not to where I was doubled over in laughter and my sides were aching. I told him this, and then reminded him of the following scene from Duck Dynasty that had us in tears from laughing so hard. It still cracks us up.

And no . . . I didn't pee my pants, but I could of. J