Book Feature! #Sci-fi The Trials of Nahda~Sinclair V-Log PA884/R by Merita King

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The Trials of Nahda ~ Sinclair V-Log PA884/R
Third volume in The Sinclair V-Logs science fiction series by Merita King
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You know the difference between fantasy and reality, right?

Sam Sinclair thought so too, until his boss sent him to Nahda, to arrest a museum researcher for stealing an ancient artefact.

Until the pair find themselves trapped deep below an abandoned fusion reactor, Sam had never had occasion to doubt what was real and what was not.

As events unfold, forcing him to embrace the possibility that what he always believed to be just fantasy, could indeed be very real, his life comes crumbling down around him.

Finding himself now a fugitive of the law, left for dead by his prisoner, and still trapped within the underground city, Sam struggles to accept the evidence of his own eyes.

Some things are impossible aren’t they? Sam thought so too, but what he experienced forced him to look at the universe in a different light.


I was longing to stop and rest my legs, but the desire to get to safety, away from the snake and the flying things, was greater than my physical discomfort. I plodded on, and as we walked, I noticed Zaavi getting a bit ahead of me. If he ran off and left me alone now, I would not hesitate to shoot him for being asshole enough to do such a thing. At the same time, I felt annoyed with myself for being afraid of the snake, and for being so vulnerable down there in the dark.

“Hey,” I called as loud as I dare. My voice echoed around the chamber and he turned. “Wait for me would ya?”

“You could try and hurry it up a bit.”

I ran to catch him up. “Hey c’mon. Your strides are twice the length of mine, and you can see in the dark. Don’t be an asshole.”

“I’m not. It’s just that we really need to get out of here as soon as we can, and you’re slowing us down.”

“Well I’m sorry I’m being such a damned burden to you. I’m sorry I saved your sorry ass by completing those puzzles for you, but I’m more sorry that you were too stupid to do them yourself. Where would you be if I wasn’t here huh? Back in the labyrinth with a broken ankle and sobbing for the superpowers you wouldn’t be getting.” Zaavi put his hands on his hips and closed his eyes, trying to calm his rising anger. At once, I was back in the cavern with the tribe of primitive people and remembered what happened the last time we fought.

“Look, Zaavi, I’m sorry okay? That was rude and I apologise. I’m well aware of the dangers down here, and of my vulnerability. I guess I’m a burden to you but I do have value, I’ve proved it so far. Maybe that makes up for my shortcomings huh?”

“You have helped me out Sam, and I’m grateful. I guess I owe you for it, but don’t call me stupid, please.”

“I won’t. Let’s get going shall we? What the fuck is that noise?” The moment I asked the question, we both knew what it was. The slithering was getting louder and I knew without a doubt that the snake was getting closer. The acoustics of the chamber made it almost impossible to tell from which direction the sound came, and it was too late that I realised the snake was right behind me. I whirled around on one heel and we locked eyes. As we gazed at each other, I went cold to the bone. Time stood still as the cavern doubled in size around me and I shrank to a couple of inches high. The snake was no more than six feet away, its front rearing up into the air. I met its mesmerising gaze, saw the similarity with Zaavi’s eyes and presumed they shared a common ancestor. As my senses came back, I heard thudding footsteps that quickly faded into the distance. The asshole had run away and left me to fend for myself against a giant snake. Without me having to think about it, my mind switched from all-encompassing fear to naked survival instinct, and my shaking hand fumbled for my laser pistol. Panicking, I fought with the holster as the snake drew back its head, readying itself to strike. It was as I saw it thrust forward that I yelped in fear, dropped my pistol in sheer terror and fell to the ground, covering my head with my arms and hoping the end would be quick.

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About Merita King

I’ve loved science fiction since I was a young child growing up with Star Trek and my parents’ love of all things connected with space. Whether it was fiction or science fact, if it was about space, the planets, and the universe, they absorbed it and passed on that love to me. I deeply regret being born at a time before space travel is a normal daily event. I have an adventurous spirit and would go into space without a second thought, if the chance came my way.

I can remember being a very young child and looking up at the sky and wondering why my real family left me behind on this planet, and hoping they were coming to get me soon. They never did, but I still have that feeling that I belong out there. I cannot go there of course, but in my books I can. Having grown up on a diet of space opera movies, TV and books, it was a foregone conclusion that if I ever wrote a book, it would be space opera. Eleven books later and I’m still enjoying exploring my very own universe.

When building my alien worlds, I am inspired by movies I’ve seen in the genre, rather than books I’ve read. I guess I’m a visual person, and people often say my books read like movies, that they ‘see’ a movie in their head as they’re reading. I like that, I’m happy that happens. It is very important to me that anything I invent in my future universe, gadgets, gizmos, diseases etc, have a basis in today’s known science fact. I research and begin with a known fact, then build from there. I feel that this helps to make my worlds believable for the reader. The great thing about space opera is that you can invent stuff, but if you’re too fantastical you risk losing your reader’s attention.

I’m autistic and live inside my head more so than those who don’t have this condition. Interacting on a very deep level with my imagination is necessary for my mental health, so I find connecting with the flow of creative force, very easy. Away from writing, I enjoy making Native American inspired beaded pow wow fans, and I’m a crazy cat lady in training. I live alone in Hampshire Southern England.

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