Book Feature! Past Sins by K.D. Wilson #Suspense #Thriller

Past Sins Blurb:
A suspense/thriller. 

Steven Hatfield, an attorney for the law firm of Carter and Bryant will do whatever it takes to become a partner of the firm. Not even the scumbag client's that he represents would dream of doing some of the things that he has done. When his firm is hired to represent the beautiful actress Tanya Udry for the murder of her husband, the opportunity that he has been waiting for has finally arrived. 

From an early age, Steven Hatfield has always been an ambitious person, never letting anything or anyone stand in his way from getting what he wants; not even his own family. After graduating from law school, he landed the job of his dreams at the Chatman and Bryant Law firm. Determined to become a partner of the firm, he will commit some of the most horrendous acts against those he feels is standing in his way.

Shortly after his own wife’s murder, the opportunity that Steven has long awaited for falls right into his lap when his firm is hired to represent the beautiful actress Tanya Udry for the murder of her husband. When his rival Joseph Linder and his family dies from an unfortunate house fire, Steven is thrilled when he is asked to be the lead lawyer on the case, knowing that this trial could very well land him the partnership that he has so longed for.

Steven knows that he'll do whatever it takes to win the case, and he is thrilled when one night a stranger walks into his office with information that guarantees him the win. Unbeknownst to Steven, this same stranger who helps him win the case that takes him to the top of his career, will set into motion a spiral of events that will cause Steven’s “Past Sins” to catch up to him.

About The Author:

I am a 49 year old proud mother of 4 who has been with my husband, the love of my life, for almost 22 years now. I have lived in Ohio for most of my life. I love to read and cook as much as I love to write. I have written and published 3 ebooks and I’m in the process of working on my 4th one now.

Where to connect with the author:

Twitter: Twitter name is Shelluch

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