Book Review: Voodoo Vows by #Author Diana Marie Dubois

This is an intriguing story about Rosie Delacroix who left her boyfriend, her best friend, her life, everything, after her mother’s disappearance. Then she decides to return to New Orleans and attempts to pick up and repair the broken pieces of her shattered life.

This tale is filled with a mystery that kept growing as the tale progressed. Halfway through this book, it captured me in its claws to where I had to know what was going to happen next. Then the ending. Omg, it’s a cliffhanger, and I want to know what’s going to happen next dang it!

Rosie’s best friend Jahane is a great character who loves Rosie unconditionally and supports her through and through. We all should have a friend and be a friend like Jahane. Then there’s Rosie’s boyfriend Julian, who despite her bailing on him, accepts her with open arms. They’re both crazy in love with each other. But Julian is cursed and at first, none of them are aware of the terrible fate that awaits him.

In her quest to discover what happened to her mother and why strange things are happening to her, Rosie discovers she comes from a long line of witches and is gifted a guardian—a Great Dane who she affectionately calls Athena. I love Athena and the fact she’s a magical canine who can telepathically communicate with Rosie. What a cute twist to this story. I love it.

As a reader, I enjoy books with imagination, thought, good characters, and a story that captures me. Voodoo Vows is one of them, and I’m looking forward to book two in this series. 


  1. I love your review. You touch on thoughts I never think to include. Well done!