A Paranormal Entity That Could Be Possessing Someone You Know.

 Since the beginning of mankind, dark spirits have been possessing soulless humans or humans that invited them into their bodies. They can live the life they desire and enjoy the pleasures of being back in the flesh, such as sex, alcohol, drugs, food, and whatnot. Your neighbor, co-worker, classmate, the charming guy you met at the bar, could be one of them. He’s what Aiden said to Ameerah. He’s an Irish dark spirit who was her recruiter:

 Once they’re bored with the body they’re dwelling in, they can vacate it and hop into another one or go back to their realm. They’re hedonistic, they love to have a good time and stir up mischief. Most of them detest humans and tend to cause them problems. Ameerah’s book and audiobook tell and show you how and why.

Then you have the immortals who protects humanity against these cloaked beings. Their ears ring when they’re near a dark spirit and when they look at one inhabiting a human they see a light swipe across the iris or the whole eye glow. They have the ability to cast them out of the body. Immortals are fast and have super strength. Paige in Beyond the Eyes, which the ebook is free, btw, happened to be yanked into this hidden world from our society.

Have you ever looked into someone's eyes and saw nothing? Could it be possible that soulless people walk among us, only to be possessed by a dark entity? Was Hitler one of them?

Here’s a video I created years ago before The Devil’s Third was published.

So what if the Beyond the Eyes trilogy and Ameerah is true? It’s certainly plausible. In Ameerah’s story, she takes the reader on a journey on why and how she became a dark spirit and what it’s like to possess a body. I have to admit, being one seems like a lot of fun. But the “old one’s” agenda is haunting. They have their grubby paws in everything: the media, the financial institutions, our schools, politics, etc. They are the shadow government.

Vampires and werewolves are cool, but this new-to-us supernatural being has been around since the dawn of man.

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