Teaser Tuesday!

Teaser Tuesday!!

Dark Spirits
Genre: Paranormal*Fantasy*Romance

"This series is addictive. It's well written, clever, and I had a hard time putting it down." ~Amazon Reader

"I love the characters. This is my favorite series!" ~Amazon Reader

"Dark Spirits is a very entertaining book that pulled me in from the beginning." ~Amazon Reader

The girl bellowed out a disgusted laugh and pointed at me. “Don’t you see the radiance inside her?” she demanded and continued without bothering to wait for his reply. “There’s something not right about her. She’s a fucking freak!” She turned to me and narrowed her eyes. They were full of hate. Her last words were like a slap in the face because I’d been living under the freak yolk most of my life. Brayden dropped my hand and stepped aside. “I don’t give a shit what the ‘old one’ and Ayperos say. After I kill you, they’ll realize I did them a favor.”

“I wouldn’t do it,” the guy warned, nervously rubbing his brow.

But she ignored him. With raised, clawed hands, she charged at me. Brayden wheeled on the guy, and the guy begged to be left alone.

I quickly stepped aside and rounded on the girl, slamming my foot into her back. She flung her hands out and fell into some bracken. In a flash, I grabbed her ankles and dragged her out. She squirmed radically, trying to break free, cursing at me in Latin. I flipped her over and shoved her when she attempted to get up. Her back slammed against the ground. She inhaled, and her lungs made a harsh scratching sound from the sudden intake of air. I sat on her and took hold of her arm, placing it above her head. But then her other hand flew up, snatching a handful of my hair, totally throwing me off guard. She yanked my head down. I yelped and twisted her wrist above her head. With my other hand, I grabbed her thumb and bent it back. The bones snapped like a dried twig. She screamed and released my hair, still cursing at me. I joined the wrists above her head in a tight grip and placed my palm on her forehead. She became limp, and I thought maybe she had passed out. But as soon as I began the incantation, her eyes popped open in horror, and she thrashed about. I didn’t hesitate and kept chanting in a strong and powerful voice. Her agonizing screams grew louder by the second.

And then I felt it, something nobody had ever told me before. Again. I felt the dark spirit shoot out of the body through the feet. In that brief instant, I felt cold and sweaty as a haunting jolt went through my heart, like waking up from a terrible nightmare in the middle of the night. But as soon as the dark spirit vacated, the feeling passed. Pushing my hair off my face, I took a couple deep breaths, trying to calm my racing heart from the adrenaline coursing through it. The human beneath me was alive, but unconscious. The left side of her cheek pressed against the ground, her expression as empty as her soulless body. I sat there, stunned that I had cast out a dark spirit. It was surreal. The forest seemed to distort around me, and I felt as if I were out of my body, watching the events from an alternate universe. But then everything congealed together, and I was once again, self-aware, my heart now at an even pace.


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