The RV Renovation Begins

Over the weekend Kevin and I were finally able to start renovating our RV (Aesop).


The following is what we discovered and what we'd done so far.

A Small Leak.

We know there are no leaks in our RV . . . so we thought.

There was one hidden beneath the window in the living room area.

We already knew there was an old leak there because of the small bubbles in the wall, so Kevin took the front part of it off. 

It revealed old water damage from a leaky window. 

The prior owners fixed it, but what we didn’t know until yesterday was the seal between the outer body panels wasn’t sealed properly, so water was still able to dribble between the wall. 

. . . Well, that sucks.

As you can see, Kevin fixed that problem. No big deal, but now we have to figure out what to do with that part of the wall inside the RV, since we need to fix it and then cover it back up. 

Any ideas?

It's a cosmetic issue.

The whole wall needs to look the same.

I'm open to suggestions.

A Rotting Step

On Saturday, Kevin discovered beneath the bottom step the metal part was rotting. 

Instead of fixing it, the previous owners covered it up with a block of wood and nailed the shit out of it. 

It was a pain in the ass to pry out . . . er, hack off. 

But Kevin prevailed.

I had no doubt.

He built a new step and will fix the rest of it this week.

He did a wonderful job.

Nasty Carpet Be Gone

Also, on Saturday, we started ripping the carpet out.

Btw, I filmed parts of it.

Once our Youtube Channel goes live, parts of this footage will be integrated into one of our shows.

Yesterday we finished tearing out 95% of the carpet.


Good news.

The floor is in great shape.

Double Woot!

We’re going to put fake wooden floors in. I forgot what they’re called, but they look real and clean up well.

We still need to pull the carpet out of the bathroom, but first we have to take the toilet out. We’re going to get a composting toilet.

There’s also strips of carpet along the walls that has to be cut out. I tried cutting it with a box cutter and had no luck. I don’t know if it’s because my hand strength is poor or I’m just not doing it right.

It’s Time For Solar Panels 

We’re taking all of next week off to install four solar panels on top of the roof of our RV.

. . . But it’s supposed to be in the 90s that whole week, plus humidity.

We don’t do well in those conditions.

So we’ll have to take a lot of breaks and literally chill out in our house.

No worries.

We’ll adapt, improvise, and overcome.

So it’s happening.

Like I had said before: If you don’t have a plan, you’ll be part of someone else’s plan.

We have a plan and with determination, preparation, and hard work, we’ll bring it into fruition and live life the way we want to.