Stepping Out Of My Comfort Zone

Kevin and I created a video today about what minimalism means to us.

As you know we’re total newbies, but hey, you gotta start somewhere, right?

I’m totally out of my comfort zone when it comes to pictures of me and now being in a video, especially close-up shots.


Honestly, it's because how I was treated during my childhood. I had a huge overbite and was teased a lot.

. . . But I’m working on overcoming my issues with my looks and what better way to do that than put myself out there on YouTube.

I’m stepping out of my comfort zone.

I have to say, though, Kevin is pushing me to just do it.

He said today, “Fuck it. Let’s just do it. I have two missing bottom teeth that I need to get fixed and will. So what? We’re newbies, and this is how we learn. One day we’ll look back on it and see how far we progressed from our earlier videos."

He’s totally right.

We’ll know what shots work and what doesn’t.

-So, we made a video today on what minimalism means to us, and I mentioned a totally weird thing we’ve been doing that is totally out of our comfort zone.

It’s live on our Dare To Live Youtube Channel. Here’s the link . . .

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. . . Anyway, as I said before, this is totally out of my comfort, but that’s good because growth and opportunity will breed from it. Also, life begins at the end of your comfort zone.

I’m daring to live. 😜