RV Renovation: We’re Making Progress

Sunday was an awesome day to work on renovating our RV (Aesop) because the weather was cool enough for us to get shit done.

-And we’re making progress!

We’re not finished yet, but check out what we’ve done so far inside the RV . . .

Kevin had to install the padding and carpet in the cockpit area.

I think he did a fine job.

-Then we painted. We still need to finish painting the bedroom and part of the bathroom. 

The booth cushions will be covered in a mandala pattern, and the couch will have a brown slip cover with bohemian type pillows. The two windows you see will have patchwork curtains and blinds or a shade.

This is a closet and pantry we redone.

I love the vintage look. 

I showed you the following in another post, but I'll show you again. 

Kevin distressed this bottom cabinet to give it that vintage gypsy theme we wanted. It was one of the first projects we'd done.

Anyway, I wanted to share our progress with you. I know I love seeing before and after pictures because it shows me what a difference paint and new fixtures make to a boring cabinet.

If you want to continue reading about our progress on transitioning from a conventional lifestyle to an alternative one and about my books—which I need to write a post about in the near future—you can subscribe to this blog on the right-hand side here under "follow me".

Have a wonderful week!


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