We Sold The Van

We sold the van last Friday.

It was a bittersweet day.

K wasn’t into van life at all and wanted to sell the van. 

I didn’t want to, but I also wasn’t going to drive it because I didn’t feel comfortable behind the wheel. 😬

Once we both agreed to put it up for sale, we imagined who we’d want to buy it.

He or she would love the van and appreciate the build. 

We visualized a hippie/boho type of person who wouldn’t have the funds to build a campervan on her/his own.

At first, we priced it at a fair rate and got a lot of interest in it, but then the coronavirus happened. ☹️

We still got calls, but nothing stuck.

We told ourselves the right person would come along and buy it.

We needed to trust in the process, just like we did when we thought our house wouldn’t sell in the middle of winter in North Dakota. 

We decided to lower the price, knowing the next owner couldn’t afford what we currently had it at.

We took off $3,000.00.

Selling the van wasn’t about profit, it was about enriching someone else’s life, someone who would enjoy the van and take good care of it.

Not too long after that, we sold it to the cutest couple ever. 🥰

They were exactly how we envisioned the new owners to be – part of our tribe.

Everything flowed perfectly, and we enjoyed their company.

I told K that I’d probably get a campervan in the future - one that I could drive.

I love them.

I always have.

So where does that leave our Dare to Live YouTube channel? 

To be honest, K lost interest in making videos. 

Me, on the other hand, might continue with the channel on my own. 

We live in a place where we’ll never run out of adventures. 

I had asked our Dare to Live followers what I should do and they said to keep the channel and the Facebook Dare to Live Channel page. If anything, I could continue to post on there. https://www.facebook.com/daretolivechannel/?modal=admin_todo_tour

It's still kind of hard to believe we sold the van. 

We had put so much of ourselves into it. 

Pictures of my book covers are on the high-roof.

What a trip.

I hope the new owners are having fun and enjoying their new house on wheels.

I'm glad they have it. 

I also hope the van will be good to them like it was to us.

Everything happens for a reason.

There are no regrets.

We are where we are now because we decided to dismantle our lives, step out of our comfort zone and build the life we want.

The van was part of that journey and I’ll forever be grateful for it. 😊