A Funny Story

9/03/2011 , 0 Comments

Yesterday, Kevin told me a funny story I wanted to share with you. His friend’s cousin has a mentally-challenged son. He’s high-functioning, so he can be left at home alone. Well, one day he called his mom’s work and told her he had captured a gremlin and stuck it in the closet. Thinking he was up to one of his silly antics, she appeased him by sounding interested, and then told him she had to go. About a half hour later, she received a call from her husband, telling her that he received a call from their son about a gremlin in the closet. She told him that she had received the same phone call, and her husband told her he thought they should go home and check it out because he’d heard loud banging noises in the background, which concerned him. So they went back to the house, and sure enough, there were loud banging noises coming from the closet.

"I caught a gremlin!" Their son proudly tells them with a huge grin.

His parents looked at each other warily, and then wrenched the closet door open, and out tumbled a dwarf. It turned out he was a Jehovah Witness, and when he came to the door, their son thought he was a gremlin because he had never seen a dwarf before. The dwarf, of course, was mad as shit, and called the cops. When the police officer heard the entire story, he told the dwarf that he couldn’t press charges because the kid didn’t know better.

Isn’t that funny? We thought so. Nothing against little people. I mean, hell, I’m five feet tall–if that. Kevin once called me a midget (in fun), and then said, "Oh, wait. That’s politically incorrect. You’re a little person." He laughed, and then continued with, "I bet you could get special benefits from the government." Ha, ha, ha. He’s such a brat. :)