Cover Reveal! Legends of Deceit by #Author Rebekkah Ford

Okay gals and gents, I have something cool to share with you . . . a peek at what the cover to my new book called Legends of Deceit is going to look like. I think I’m going to have the color of the font be a little bit darker, though, but other than that check it out.

This cover happened by accident, btw. I asked a talented gal to create a teaser poster for me, and she came up with this. We both were like, “Omg, this would make a damn good cover.” So I decided to use this as a cover instead of a teaser.

To get an idea of what the story is about, here’s a rough draft of the blurb. No judgments, please. It’s unedited at the moment.

21-year-old sassy and headstrong Haven Evergreen has always dreamed of a fantastical land where unicorns freely roam, fairies like to have a good time, and a baby dragon melts her heart, but little does she know her dreams are actually suppressed memories filtering through a compulsion spell cast on her for protection.

When Haven comes home one night, tragedy hits, altering her life. The truth of who she really is begins to unravel after a handsome warrior with piercing green eyes saves her life.

Larkin Vestergaard is part of an elite group of soldiers on a special assignment to save the daughter of his king. When he sees her, he’s shaken to his core. Could she be the girl who he fell in love with long ago, only to be taken away from him at such a young age?

When Larkin escorts Haven to the magical world of her dreams, Haven discovers who she really is, her place in this beautiful but yet frightening realm, and an ancient power that dwells in her that could destroy her or make her a force to be reckoned with.

Will Haven accept her place in this new world, give into her fierce attraction for Larkin, or will she disregard what’s expected of her and instead go back to her old, familiar life where things made more sense?

Legends of Deceit is a mixture of fantasy and the paranormal world. I’ve never written a story like this before so it’s a bit of a challenge but a good one. It’ll be out sometime in 2017.

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