#Dreams. What Do You Think?

My niece mentioned the other day that it would be cool to video tape your dreams.

I agree. 

Some of my dreams, though, would be a horror flick.

I tend to have dreams about vampires.

Imagine that.

The Vampire Diaries is one of my favorite TV shows, and I write paranormal books.

So, yeah, I can totally understand why I have those types of dreams. 

Sometimes I’ll dream about demons, and when they’re really scary, I’ll wake up with my heart pounding. This of course, doesn’t surprise me. I mean, my Beyond the Eyes trilogy has dark spirits AKA demons in them, and they play a huge role in my stories. I also sometimes have haunting dreams about a basement that has wood paneling walls. When I enter that room, my heart is racing, and my blood runs cold. I approach the wall, slide it back, and I'm confronted by darkness. It’s endless, and I somehow know it’s a doorway into another dimension. I can feel the evil pulsing outward from the depths of this hidden realm within the house I dwell in. It seeps into my very soul, chilling me to the bone.

I’ve had dreams similar to that one throughout my life. I’ve always wondered if it’s because when I was very young we lived in a haunted house with a basement just like the one in my dreams. I can recall being afraid to go in that room by myself. So naturally it makes me wonder, even to this day, if something malevolent resided there. Or, maybe it wasn’t evil at all, but then again, why was I frightened to be alone in that basement?

I don’t know.

This one time a friend of my parents was staying with us. One night, he ran up the basement stairs scared out of his mind. He told them as he was falling asleep the covers levitated off him. Needless to say, he never entered the basement again by himself.

So, back to recording our dreams. It would be cool to do, because maybe it would help us answer questions about things we’ve always wondered about. It might even unlock a subconscious door that would help us discover things about ourselves or what happened to us we’re not consciously aware of. But then again, are some things better kept under lock and key? What do you think?

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  1. That would be really great!!! Some of mine would be wicked so I don't know if people would want to see them. But it would be awesome.