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Title: Mind, Trinity Trilogy, Book 2
Author: Audrey Carlan
Genre: Erotic Contemporary Romance
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I’m a magnet for evil and controlling men. Chase, my big business tycoon and love of my life, thinks he can protect me…he can’t.
No one can.
It became clear far too late how serious my stalker was, that his threats weren’t idle. He proved more than once that he would do what it takes, that there were no stakes too high to his sick and twisted games and delusions of worship.
We should have been better prepared. The roses, images, lingerie soaked in his seed, even his calling card written in blood didn’t penetrate. I had faith that my love could make it go away, that eventually he’d be caught.
I was wrong.
In the second highly anticipated erotic suspense novel in the Trinity Trilogy, MIND digs deep into the heart and psyche of Gillian and her stalker through dueling POVs.
While Chase and Gillian plan their wedding, follow them and the entire gang as the stalker acts out his revenge and plots his attack on Gillian, Chase, and their friends.
This book can be considered dark, erotic, and thrilling. As in Body (Trinity Trilogy Book 1) the issue of domestic violence plays heavily in the storyline, and Gillian experiences many disturbing flashbacks of the past, alongside tragedy the stalker brings to the present. There is also a lot of love, devotion, and friendship.
Warning: This book is designed for audiences 18+ due to language, graphic sexual content, and themes that some may find disturbing. MIND is book 2 of a three-part trilogy. Body (Trinity Trilogy - Book 1) must be read prior to reading MIND.


I was hooked on this trilogy by about page 4 of Body. This second installment is amazing! I love where the story is going and I cannot wait to see how it ends. This book is a bit darker than the first one, and we get to crawl into the mind of Gillian’s stalker and see how he ticks. I could not put the book down, and in fact, I have read it more than once it is that good.

Now that Chase and Gillian are planning the wedding, things are moving quickly. She is going to move into the penthouse, and Maria is going to move into a condo. Security is tight around Gillian. The press is ripping into her, so the besos are rallying around her. Chase gets his way and is moving the wedding from a year to only six weeks away. The stalker has her apartment wired and hears this, which kicks his plans into high gear. But they do not know that the bad guy is going to take all of her friends away from her so that Gillian will only have him to turn to. And the starker has no problems with other people getting caught in the crossfire.

When one of the group is targeted and gets hurt by a bomb, Gillian’s world gets turned on its head. Someone of their group has a surprising announcement, and with the wedding on hold, Gillian’s demons come back. Between the flashbacks and the nightmares, she is a mess. The whole group is taken through hell and back with the stalker working hard at eliminating each of them. And he might just succeed. But Gillian and Chase might be focusing on the wrong person. When their target tears into their world and is thwarted, they might have let their guard down too much, and the happiest day of Gillian’s life might not be so.

I loved this book and I cannot wait for the next one. The cliffhanger nearly had me chucking my kindle across the room. I knew it would happen, but it still had me catching my breath. This is a great trilogy, and if you love sexy men, feisty women, and a huge dose of suspense, grab this book. It is full of surprises and twists and turns.

Heidi gives Mind Book 2 of the Trinity Trilogy 

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About the Author

Audrey Carlan is a professional fundraiser for an international healthcare related charity by day, and a sensual and erotic contemporary romance writer by night. She lives in the sunny California Valley two hours away from the city, the beach, the mountains and the precious…the vineyards. She has been married to the love of her life for 10 years and has two young children that live up to their title of “Monster Madness” on daily basis. When she’s not raising money, sipping wine with her “soul sisters”, three incredibly different and unique voices in her life, she can be found with her nose stuck in book or her Kindle. A hot, smutty, romantic book to be exact!

In life she believes that all things have their purpose even if we are unable to determine the purpose immediately.

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