I’m still alive

I know it’s been a long ass time since I posted on this blog.

I hope you're still with me. 

Just in case you were wondering, I’m alive and well . . .

. . . But if you read my last post on here and have been following me on my other social media platforms, you pretty much know what’s going on.

If not, lemme fill you in.

I started this year contemplating whether to delete this blog, but I decided not to because I started it when I was new to the publishing world.

Wandering Thought of a Writer is close to my heart.

I love it. 😍

Yeah, WordPress is more of a professional platform to use and I did start one, but I’ll get to that in a few.

Maybe one day I’ll have a WordPress website for just my books, but as far as I know, it’s not going to be soon.

Besides I’m happy with this blog.

If people find it unprofessional and judge me, well then so be it. 🤷‍♀️

At the end of last year, I designed a WordPress website for me and Kevin (hubby), and it went live in January.

The website is called Exploring Rabbit Holes. 

You can check it out here à http://exploringrabbitholes.com/

Please follow if you do.

There’s a lot of useful information on there that I write about.

Exploring Rabbit Holes is a hub for my books, our writing, Kevin’s artwork, my freelancing page, and our Dare to Live YouTube Channel.

We figured our subscribers and followers can go there and find everything in one spot.

It’s much more convenient for them.

I do not have a page for my books, only a tab that’ll take the reader straight to my Amazon Author Page.

For now, this blog is for my books. 

Kevin has a blog on our website called Down the Rabbit Hole.

He writes some deep ass shit.

It’s about ego, self-realization, and awakening.

When he writes, he’s writing to himself, so what he writes isn’t pointing fingers at the reader or bashing how they live.

He hasn’t made that clear yet, and I suspect some people will take offense to some of his writings.

But he writes some cool ass shit, and I’m not saying that because he’s my bestie and husband.

His content makes you think. 🤔

If you’re a deep thinker, check it out.

Anyway, this year has been a life-changing year for us.

Hell, the last 2 ½ years have been huge.

If I remember, I’ll write a post about this year and share it with you in January, then you’ll know why I haven’t been active on this blog.

On The Book Front:

1.) Book #2 to Legends of Deceit is written.

It’s waiting for edits and going through the whole publishing process.

I don’t know when it’s going to get published, but I’ll letcha know when it does.

2.) I might have some upcoming publishing news to share with you.

If things work out the way I hope, I’ll post the news here.

3.) Another announcement I have is I’m going to be expanding on my Beyond the Eyes trilogy which will turn into a series. 

This will happen once my life gets back in order.

Currently, we’re waiting for our house to sell, working on growing our Dare to Live YouTube Channel, our brand, and me doing freelance work, among other things.

Once we sell the house, we’ll officially be digital nomads – traveling the US in our homemade camper van. 

We’ll be filming our journey and sharing it on our Dare to Live YouTube Channel.  http://bit.ly/2EMuEtx

So, I’ll probably be writing the next book in my Beyond the Eyes trilogy while on the road unless it takes a long ass time to sell our house, which I hope not.

4.) I wrote a short story for an author Christmas takeover event that has a little bit of horror in the tale. 

Honestly, I have a difficult time writing short stories and find it much easier to write a novel.

It’s weird, I know, but that’s just who I am.

I did manage to write one, and it’s supposed to go live on December 20, 2019. I also did an author interview.

I’ll post them here if you’re interested in reading them.

So, I’m alive and well.

I’m not going to lie, it’s nice to be back on here. 😊

My passion is writing stories, publishing, and helping other writers with their books.

If you have any questions to ask me, feel free to do so. I’ll answer them as soon as I can.

Cheers! 🥂



  1. Hi Rebekkah! Glad to see your post. Seasons Greetings

  2. Hey Jasveena! Thank you! :) Seasons Greetings to you as well. Have a Happy New Year!!!! :D